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Kumar Nandit Roy Memorial Scholarship (under HELP) Launched

10 November, 2020
Kumar Nandit Roy Memorial Scholarship (under HELP) Launched

Moanoghar gratefully acknowledges the setting up of Kumar Nandit Roy Memorial Scholarship under
the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP). The Scholarship is set up by Ms. Jharna Roy, wife of late
Roy along with their children: Vaskar Roy and Lumbini Roy and their respective spouses.
The late Kumar Nandit Roy is renowned across the Chittagong Hill Tracts and beyond. Born to the
Chakma Raj family, he had an equally illustrious career with the United Nations in Bangladesh. He was
also a poet and singer, and penned and composed music to some of the most popular tunes in Chakma
Above all, he was a dedicated social worker, and a long-time benefactor to Moanoghar. He served in the
board for several years during a particularly critical period of Moanoghar. Moanoghar deeply cherishes
his memory and through the scholarship and its work shall strive to uphold his examples of community
service for the future generations in the CHT region.