Inauguration of the new academic building of the Moanoghar Technical Training Centre

20 February, 2021

The present government has given a special emphasis on technical education, and it has adopted a policy to set up a technical institute in every Upazila (sub-district) across the country. Dipankar Talukder, a lawmaker from Rangamati, apprised this information to the audience while speaking as a chief guest at the inaugural ceremony on 19 February 2020 at Moanoghar.   

Chaired by Venerable Shraddhalankar Mathera, president of Moanoghar, the function was graced by Dipankar Talukder, MP, and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Food, and Aung Sui Pru Chowdhury, Chairman of Rangamati Hill District Council (RHDC), respectively as the chief guest and the special guest. While Sadhan Moni Chakma, former Councilor, RHDC; Durgeshwar Chakma, Vice Chairman, Rangamati Sadar Upazila; Rabi Mohan Chakma, Councilor of 6 No. Ward, Rangamati Municipal Corporation; Biral Barua, Executive Engineer of RHDC, and community leaders from Rangapani and Vedvedi villages were present at the function.
Chitta Ranjan Chakma, Principal of the Moanoghar Institute of Technology (MIT) delivered a welcome speech, while Kirti Nishan Chakma, General Secretary of Moanoghar spoke on the background and importance of the Moanoghar technical institute. Kirti Nishan Chakma said that all students at Moanoghar, and similarly in the whole CHT region cannot complete education due to various reasons. A large portion of them drop out from the secondary and higher secondary levels. This technical institute has been set up targeting all these dropped out students and unemployed youth to enhance their employability in the job market. He also added that the Moanoghar technical institute is open not only to the students of Moanoghar, but also to all other students and youth regardless of their ethnicity, colour or religious faith.   

Aung Sui Prue Chowdhury, Chairman of RHDC, appreciated Moanoghar for its outstanding role to spreading education in the greater Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. He expressed his hope that this technical training centre of Moanoghar will make a difference in technical education. He commented that if were there a few institutions like Moanoghar, the whole configuration of education and socio-economic development scenario in the hills could have been changed remarkably. He assured the Moanoghar authority that he would stand by Moanoghar as a chairman of RHDC and also as a common citizen of the region.  
The chief guest at the function, Dipankar Talukder, MP, termed Moanoghar as a ‘light house’ of the hills. He categorically said this technical institution of Moanoghar was a much felt-need, as technical education had more potential for creating employment opportunities for the youth than the general stream of education. He instructed the Rangamati Hill District Council (RHDC) to allocate funds for the next fiscal year to complete all pending works of the technical centre academic building, and  also for repairing and maintenance works in Monaoghar campus.
The 3-storey academic building of the Moanoghar technical centre is being financed by the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs through the Rangamati Hill District Council. The total allocation was BDT 35 million.

In the end of the discussion session, the Chief guest and the special guests handed over certificates to those who sucessfully completed the six-month long short courses from the Moanoghar Institute of Technology (MIT) during the 2019 academic session.
Notable that currently MIT is conducting courses on three trades namely Computer Office Application, Dress-making and Tailoring; and Food & Beverage production.