A Guardians’ meeting held

09 September, 2023
A Guardians’ meeting held

On 9 September a Guardians’ Meeting was held at the School’s Conference Hall with the guardians of Class X students. Chaired by Jotil Bihari Chakma, Headmaster (Acting) the meeting was attended by Ashok Kumar Chakma, Executive Director of Moanoghar and Arupan Bikash Barua, Assistant Headmaster of the school.

The meeting was started with a welcome speech delivered by Arupan Bikash Barua. In his speech, he briefed the guardians about the objectives of the meeting and the programs undertaken by the school on improving learning outcomes of the students of Class X in particular. He said that the Test Examination will start from the first week of October as per the government instructions. He requested all guardians to monitor the progress of studies of every student and they must make sure that every student attend the ensuing Test Examination.

As part of improving learning outcomes of the Class X students, the school regularly organised class tests (CT) in every subject. Niro Moni Chakma, Focal Point of Science Group, Jackson Talukder, Focal Point of Business Studies Group and Shanti Bijoy Chakma, Focal Point of Humanities Group, presented the results of the CTs in the Guardians’ Meeting. While Ashok Kumar Chakma, Executive Director, talked on the policy issues and disciplinary matters of the school and the residential hostels of Moanoghar.

Guardians were given floor to take part in the discussion. All of the speakers were of the opinion that desired results would not be achieved until and unless the three parties – students, teachers and guardians work together closely. They underscored the need of close communication and coordination among the three parties to towards achieving the desired goals of education. They all expressed their solidarity with the programs undertaken by the school, and they committed to extend all necessary support with the school.