We accord our thanks and gratitude to the Buddhist Global Relief (BGR), Inti Raymi Fund and other individual contributors for their support to construct a hostel for the children of Moanoghar. 

New announcements will be published here soon.


You can now donate online to Moanoghar through our partner Inti Raymi Fund
IMPORTANT: In the donation form please click on "add" for "Note to seller" and type :"MOANOGHAR". This will help us track the donations for Moanoghar.

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Contact us

Rangapani, Rangamati - 4500, Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 351 61043, 62796

How to reach

Moanoghar is located at the outskirt of Rangamati at Rangapani village about 4 – 5 km from Rangamati town. Auto rickshaws, locally called ‘CNG’, run very frequently from Rangamati town to Rangapani village via Moanoghar. Anyone wishing to visit Moanoghar either can hire a ‘CNG’ or get in any CNG taxi bound to Rangapani from ‘Vedvedi rastha matha’ (a CNG Halt at Vedvedi).

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