On 20 October 2014, Monday, Ven. Mujin Sunim, President of the Douglas A. Campbell Foundation (DAC), USA, laid the foundation stone of the New Classrooms building of Moanoghar Residential School. Financed by DAC, the 3-storeyed new classrooms building is expected to be completed by the end of October next year. When the new building is finished, the crowding problem of the classrooms will be solved to a large extent. 10 more classrooms including a science laboratory, a hall room, teacher's room and a common room for girls will be added up. The classroom sizes will be reduced to 45 - 50 students per room from the present sizes with 80-100 students per room.

Ven.  Mujin Sunim lays the foundation stone

Before laying the foundation stone, Ven. Mujin spoke to the students. She said, this is very hard for a teacher to manage a classroom with 90-100 students. Students also cannot study well. DAC has agreed to support this school building to address the classroom problem. She hopes that by the next year this problem will be solved. She asked the students to study hard.On behalf of the students, teachers and staff of Moanoghar, Jhimit Jhimit Chakma, Headmaster, expressed thanks to Ven. Mujin as well as DAC for her generous support to construct this new classroom building. He added that this school building will add more facilities for education to the students, such as a spacious science laboratory, and a common room for the girls.  The students expressed their commitment to study hard and keep the school building neat and clean. 

On this occasion, Ven. Shraddha Lankar Mahathera, Vice-President; Kirti Nishan Chakma, the general secretary; Ven. Buddha Datta Bhikkhu, Joint Secretary; Ashok Kumar Chakma, Executive Director, the teachers and students of Moanoghar Residential School were present. 


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