The publications can be downloaded from the following attachment.

We solicit a small donation from you, if you have the means, for the uploads (US$ 5 or BDT 300). All the donations thus collected will be spent for the education of the children in Moanoghar or for promotion of cultural heritage of the CHT peoples. Your support will allow us to continue with our mission

You can send your donation to the following account: 

Account Name: Moanoghar
Account No: 0048-0210003828
Bank: Trust Bank Ltd.
Branch: Rangamati Branch, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Alternately, you can also send a cheque, written in the name of Moanoghar, to the following address;

Rangapani, Rangamati
Rangamati -4500, Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh

Please leave a message about your donation to this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Moanokadha (Special Edition on the occation of reunion of the Moanogharians 2012)

A Commemoratory Volume on the Occasion of 40th Anniversary of Moanoghar

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