Ashok Kumar Chakma, joined Moanoghar as Executive Director from June 2012. He is a former student of Moanoghar (took admission in 1991) and an MA in Economics from Dhaka University. He also recently completed a further Masters in Development Practice (Advanced) focusing on Social Planning  from University of Queensland, Australia.


Ven. Gyanalok Mahathero is the in-charge of the overall hostel administration. He was ordained in 1972 and has pursued specialized studies on Buddhism at home and abroad. As responsible of the hostel administration, he looks after the children's well being and care on which he received special training. He is long associated with Moanoghar, from early 1980s.
Shantimoy Chakma is a former student of Moanoghar. He joined Moanoghar as Accounts and Finance Officer in 2010. He has a Bachelor degree in accounting & finance from National University. At present his position is Procurement Officer.
Ms. Jeni Chakma joined Moanoghar in 2009 and at present is responsible as hostel caretaker of Bishakha Bhavan.
Ms. Lily Dewan is a former student of Moanoghar and at present has responsibility as Librarian of Moanoghar Library.
Ven. Binayanada Bhikkhu has been involved with Moanoghar since 2010 and is hostel caretaker of Aloke Bhavan-A. He was ordained as Buddhist monk in 2005.
Ven Sudarshi Bhikkhu is a former student of Maonoghar and in-charge of Aloke Bhavan –B as caretaker


Ven Satyadarshi Bhikkhu took ordination in 2001 and is working as hostel caretaker since 2001 in Moanoghar. He is responsible for Karuna Bhavan-A. He is also a former student of Moanoghar.



Dr. Jibok Chakma joined Moanoghar as Medical Officer in 2011. He is in-charge of the medical section and as well as the health outreach activities. Before joining Moanoghar, he worked in MSF and Leprosy Mission of Bangladesh. He took his MBBS degree from Chittagong Medical College.
Nirmal Kanti Chakma was admitted into Moanoghar as residential student in 1978. He has been working in Moanoghar for the last 20 years. At present, he is looking after Moanoghar Mini Hospital and Mobile Health Clinic sites as medical assistant.  




Memory Chakma has been working in Monoghar for the last 10 years as Medical attendant. She is responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital complex.


 Ven. Bodhisri Bhante.
























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